WP1 - Consortium Management

Workpackage-leader: BOKU


WP 1 (Consortium Management) will ensure the successful achievement of the goals and delivery of the planned in the most cost-effective manner and maintain successful communication channels between partners and to the EC. In line with the Background Document "Provisions for Implementing STREP", the Consortium Management activities will include:

The co-ordinator is lead contractor for this Workpackage in line with the role as defined in section 5.3 of the above mentioned Background Document, which is covered in Task 1.1.

Knowledge management, IPR and other innovation related activities will be co-ordinated from the Dissemination Workpackage (WP8).

Description of work

Task 1.1 Overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management. Liaison with the European Commission.

Task 1.2 Co-ordination of technical activities including monitoring and internal reporting. Simple and transparent management tools will be applied, which will be made available via intranet.

Task 1.3 Workshop and meeting co-ordination, including moderation and documentation. The consortium will meet on an 6-7 month basis as defined in the ASSESS-HKH time table. Four workshops are planned for Asia and two in the EU according to topics being covered within the ASSESS-HKH research tasks.

Task 1.4 Preparation of periodic reports. This will occur on an 18-month basis or as otherwise required.

Task 1.5 Partner management with a special emphasis on coaching the non-EU partners. Experience has shown from past international projects that a geographically widespread and culturally diverse consortium such as in ASSESS-HKH will require extra effort to gain common understanding of management standards and procedures.

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