Identification literature for the HKH region

Compilation of the most relevant identification literature for the HKH region (ident_lit_HKH.pdf, 76KB)

New identification key for non-insecta of the HKH region now available!

Aquatic Invertebrates of the Ganga River System (Mollusca, Annelida, Crustacea [in part]), Volume 1

Authors: Hasko Nesemann, Subodh Sharma, Gopal Sharma, Sanjay Nath Khanal, Bandana Pradhan, Deep Narayan Shah, Ram Devi Tachamo
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The book contains 227 species, which were collected and studied by the authors during the last decade. They are illustrated with 748 figures from freshwater, brackish water and semiaquatic habitats with 76 plates including 12 colored plates. The Mollusca are altogether represented with 108 species, 49 Bivalvia and 59 Gastropoda. The Annelida were recorded with 6 Polychaeta, 70 Oligochaeta and 33 Hirudinida. The Crustacea are included with 11 examples of Branchiopoda, Mysidacea, Amphipoda, Isopoda and few Decapoda crabs. 19 new invertebrate species are described. A zoogeographical analysis of the Gangetic basin is given together with a brief discussion of marine elements, brackish water biocoenotic region and certain records of neozoa species. An ecological assessment approach is described with the application of three different indices.

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ISBN 978-99946-2-674-8
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Water Beetles of China. Vol. I (1995), Vol. II (1998), Vol. III (2003)

Authors: Jäch, M.A. & Ji, L. (eds.)

A total of 496 localities has been investigated thoroughly in 20 of the 33 administrative regions of China in the last decade. Supplementary material from Taiwan and additional Chinese administrative regions became available through numerous private collections. Almost 200 new species (and subspecies), and nine new genera (and subgenera) of aquatic and riparian Coleoptera are described from China and neighbouring areas in the three volumes of WATER BEETLES OF CHINA. On more than 1300 pages numerous taxonomic revisions and keys are published by 50 (!) authors from 18 countries. The three books are richly illustrated with many colour plates showing more than 80 top quality habitus paintings (mostly by the famous artist W. Zelenka), more than 80 habitat photographs, and dozens of distribution maps.

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The Aquatic and Semiaquatic Bugs : Heteroptera Nepomorpha & Gerromorpha of Malesia (2005)

Authors: Pingping Chen, Nico Nieser, Herbert Zettel
This volume deals with the Heteroptera aquatica, or water bugs, known from Malesia, a region holding almost 1000 species belonging to seventeen families. The book includes keys to all families and genera, and provides information on their taxonomy, morphology, biology, distribution and economic importance. A checklist of the species recorded from Malesia and nearby areas, with references to original descriptions of all taxa, is included. The book is illustrated by more than 500 drawings and 35 distribution maps. A glossary explains the technical terms is employed. An extensive list of references will enable readers to trace all pertinent taxonomic literature published up to the end of 2003.

ISBN 90 04 14768 3
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Freshwater Invertebrates of the Malaysian Region

Authors: Catherine M. Yule, Yong Hoi Sen
The freshwater fauna of tropical regions is poorly known, yet the tropics hold a large share of the world`s freshwater resources and some extreme and unusual habitats. This is the first publication to focus on the freshwater invertebrates of the Malaysian Region - Malaysia, Singapore and parts of Indonesia and southern Thailand. Eighty authors from 20 countries around the world provide chapters on ecology, distribution and identification of 66 groups of freshwater invertebrates.

ISBN: 983-41936-0-2
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Tropical Asian Streams. Zoobenthos, Ecology and Conservation

Author: David Dudgeon
The bibliography provides a comprehensive list of the ecological and taxonomic literature published up to and including 1996. The book also provides a series of keys and guidelines for the identification of invertebrates in running waters of the region.

ISBN: 962-209-469-4
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